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Sunday, September 14, 2008

He loves his dada!

Brayden James loves his dada so much! When Scott snuck out to mow the lawn today, Brayden heard him in the backyard and was originally looking out the window by pulling on the blinds. He was calling, "dada, dada." It was the sweetest thing. He couldn't see well, so I took him to the back door. (Excuse the dirty window...our pug, BuddyLove gets it so yucky...but, we don't mind). Anyway, here are some of my little cutie pie peering outside at his hero!

caugth him in mid-wave

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Amanda said...

oh my gosh. those are precious. In the even that he ever gets mad at "dada" later in life, just pull those out to remind him how much he loves him! haha.. so sweet!!