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Thursday, September 11, 2008

One adorable streaker!

Yes!!! That's my boy!!! He is a maniac when he is in his birthday suit. He welcomes the freedom and just goes wild. I think he knows maybe it's not the norm for him so he takes advantage of the few opportunities and runs with them....literally runs. LOL!!! He is the cutest streaker you ever did see! AND I just gotta brag on that naturally sun kissed skin. LOVE it!!! I could eat him up! Oh, and on a side note:

Hon, I promise not to post anymore "bare tush" pictures of our darling boy. I just couldn't resist this last time!
He thinks it's hilarious!

Literally laughing from his belly!

squirming away from momma

tailin' it outta there
(I was chasing him with a diapee)


Amanda said...

SO cute! haha.. it's so funny that they even KNOW that they don't have clothes on! not that kids aren't smart or anything, but really, why do they even think about it!? haha. so fun!

Kayleigh said...

Hahahha Oh my gosh, what a cutie!

The Four Of Us said...

He really is one adorable streaker! Lol I love the one of him turning the corner! Anyway, we'll try really hard to make it to the Halloween party! Tell Nealy we said hello! See you guys soon!

The Four Of Us said...

P.S. Thanks for letting me steal the great pic you took of us three (even though I stole it without permission! ;)