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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Aces do it again...well, almost!

Yesterday we attended Nealy's VB tournament. She has played competitive VB for two years now. She once played recreational only. So, the first game started at 9:20 and if they won that game they would play at 10:40. If they won the 10:40 game they would play at 11:20. If they won the 11:20 game they would play at the semi finals at 2:00 and the championship game was scheduled for 2:40. In a tournament the games only last until a team gets to 25 points. So the team that gets there first, wins!

To just give you a little history: Some of our old teammates went to another team. AND it just so happened to be the first team we played. One of the other moms even said, "We are going to get slaughtered."....that was positive. I was so nervous. I knew the possibility of our team losing was high! The Aces have never lost a game... EVER! We felt a little betrayed about the girls going to the other team of supposedly really strong players but, the girls did a great job of being nice and friendly (on both teams). I think it was more of parent decision that was made rather than the girls wanting to go. Anyway, parents were friendly too! So it was all good! We WON!!! It was so nice to win that first game....victory! Nealy played AWESOME..she really was a key player in the game. So, needless to say because Aces rock,.....They won all three games and the semi final game.

The championship game was a bit of a different story! The Aces were not slaughtered. BUT, they didn't win. ;-( The other team was a select 6th grade VB team! We were actually ahead for a little bit. I think the girls were a little sad with the outcome. They played hard and smart. Coach Toupal explained that the difference in a select team and competitive team is that the select team PAYS a coach to coach the team and competitive is parent coached. Our team does pay a skills coach for practices but, not for coaching during an actual game. So we did pretty well. The Aces still received medals for 2nd place!

I end with their team cheer:

Two, four, six, eight who do we eliminate?
all the rest!
we're the best!


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