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Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's not what you do! It's who you do it with!

It was DATE NIGHT last night! I was giddy ALL day at work. It's really all I thought about. The plan was dinner and a movie. I had to take Nealy to volleyball practice and Scott had to take a final online first. SO, by the time I made it home I was a little tired. Scott was still working on his final. He asked if I was ready and explained he would be done in twenty minutes. That's all it took for me to quickly freshen up and get excited all over again. My mom watched Nealy and Brayden. They enjoy their nana so much! THANKS mom! So, on our way we start talking. He fills me in on his club team, work, work drama, graduate school etc. I fill him in on my work, ideas for the fall, and ideas for the kids ;-)! We talked about how we want to travel and take vacations. We talked about how we enjoy the simplicity of our lives yet, LOVED the hectic and chaotic times too! We talked about home improvements, decor, and ideas we had for the house and the yard. We talked about the kids and different things we wanted for them. We talked about challenges regarding the kids (yeah even my two perfect kids...in every way, pose challenges). Do you see a pattern? We TALKED! We couldn't stop talking. Even my honey who is a man of few words was talking just as much as I was. It was GREAT! We are SO involved in the kids' lives and doing things for them that sometimes we don't get a chance to really talk! We decided against a movie. Instead, we walked around Firewheel hand and hand, AND talking and talking! We weren't hungry so we decided to wait to eat. The night was beautiful and the weather was perfect. We 'people watched' and laughed and talked some more. Our last retail stop was at Journey's...5 minutes before closing. I explained to the sales guy and girl that I just wanted to take a quick peek to get ideas for fall shoes. I make a bee-line for the cutest little boots. I guess my face brightened up, because Scott asked if I liked them. I explained I did and that I had even thought about them prior to actually seeing them. I didn't need to try them on b/c I know the size I wear in them and know that they are the MOST comfortable boots EVER!!!! However, I tried them on just for fun totally thinking...(I need to come back for these!). I did a quick little modeling for Scott! :-) Scott asked if I wanted them and I was a little surprised. As soon as I put them in the box Scott took them to register. I left with a super cute pair of Ugg's and a smile on my face!!!! Now, how was that for a sweet little treat. I swear, my husband spoils me rotten as he does the family!!! BESTof ALL....we ate at Bueno....Yeah and I DO mean Taco Bueno! Now you understand? It's not what you do! It's who you do it with! This was the BEST date night EVER! I love you babe!

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Amanda said...

oh my gosh! that sounded like so much fun!!! aww... date nights are the BEST!