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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cousin Carson turns FOUR!

Happy Birthday Cousin Carson! Today we went to Carson's Birthday Party. He was so excited and had a lot of fun playing with friends and family. Nealy and Brayden had a great time too! As for the adults, well it was nice to mingle, let the kids go off and play, eat yummy Mexican food and even meet new friends. I am so proud of myself for taking pictures and not getting sidetracked...okay maybe I did a few times. BUT, here are some captured memories at our ADORABLE nephew's AWESOME John Deer B Day Celebration! Happy Fantastic 4th Birthday Carson!!!

Brayden loves his Gran.

You can never get to old to
enjoy God's sweet creatures.

sweet one


Lovin' me some Brayden

Grand-dad is sucker
for Mr. B...big time!
The boys

I love that Brayden is confident
and makes friends easily.
He was all over the place having one grand
time. Don't get me wrong though, he assessed
the scene for a good while before jumping in.

Brayden James has a thing for balls.
Footballs, basketballs, golfballs, bouncy balls,...
You name 'em...he throws 'em!
Now this shot is made
for a magazine cover!
Love it!

Best of Buds
Daddy was in charge since I was
busy behind the camera. :-)

Carson's mommy and daddy
had this pool built and put in at the
end of the summer. I can't wait to
test it out.
Note to Gary: Let me
know when the heater is ready.
We're there!

This was the pretty sunset at the
end of the day. Aaahhh...

Lovin' this one of Sweet Carson.
What a day for him to remember!

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Amanda said...

umm... these pictures are AWESOME! Like a magazine or something!

a Halloween party?? How fun!! Please let me know the details!