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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Project!

I do a lot of things the hard way. One, is learning about PSCS3 Extended Version. I like doing things on my time. I know you are thinking, tutorials Yomaida...but, I am stubborn that way! Otherwise, I think it would cause me stress. So, I just play and take my time. Life is good! Anyway, here is a cute little picture of my nephew with selective coloring...Cute huh? Thanks to my hon for providing me with the tool for my new little hobby!

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The Four Of Us said...

you did a GREAT job on the new graphics! The shadowing - everything it all looks great! Your doing a great job teaching yourself!

Jaclyn said...

YE...My soul sister:) I miss you so much!!!! My 1st graders are learning about city, state, country, and continent. (I'm sure the only three states they will remember are Illinois, Texas, and California because that is ALL Miss Brown talks about...) We pulled down the large map to study The United States today. I felt my eyes fill up with tears as I realized how far away I am from you:( I miss you and appreciate this little blog! It makes the 1,600 miles seem a bit shorter! I feel SO guilty! I'm missing all the milestones in Braydens first two years:( The England bunch looks beautiful as always...I will send the Africa pics your way today...Much Love to ALL The Englands:)


P.S. I need to clarify...the live feed continues to list me as "Anaheim, CA or Walnut, CA or Lancaster, CA...I am looking at downtown and the HOLLYWOOD sign from my classroom...it is Los Angeles, CA!!"