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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our unsolved mystery

Have you ever been so determined to do something and you don't know why? You don't even know exactly how you came to want something so badly you could "taste" it. (In our case it was "see" it). This happened today. It didn't just happen to me, it happened to Scott and my mom too! We were SO determined, time got away from us and we spent over an hour in the car. Are you confused and utterly bewildered? Let me explain.

Today we went to lunch in Rockwall at this little Mexican Bistro. Chilitos is the name. It was very good. We had these ever so interesting grilled avocados with fajita meat in them. Yum! Anyway, Scott and I started talking on the way home about the city of Rockwall and Rockwall county. Apparently there is a lot of history. I guess this is true for any city. Anway, Scott decides we should drive around and look at some of the different homes as our dream is to someday have land to build a home on. Anyway, I agree it would be fun to drive around and so does my mom. Not to mention, Brayden had just dozed off and he would have a little extra snoozing time. So off we go with the wind in our hair and our shades on to protect our eyes from the serious sun-rays. Okay so the wind really wasn't blowing our hair but, the air conditioning was. :-) Picture long winding roads with large houses every couple of acres or so. This is where we found ourselves driving. Scott proceeds to tell me history about the city and even shows me where he was a life guard in college. He tells me about this castle that he's known about for years. He explains he has never seen it up close and there are stories about it being haunted. I quickly perk up and listen...I am intrigued. My mom is too. We finally see these tower like things (that you would see on a castle) in the distance. I expressed that I wanted to see it up close. I even asked, "what makes a castle a castle?" Scott really didn't know he just replied with, "you will understand when you see it." My excitement was building. I took off my shoes and even tucked my legs beneath me in the seat. Scott says I have some five year old behaviors...I guess because I am with five year olds so much. ANYWAY, we decide to take this road to get a good close-up view. We disregarded the sign that said, 'Private Road.' Darnit! It was a dead end. We did get a better view but, it was far from a good view. We decided to try a different route. The paved road ended and a gravel road started. That didn't stop us. What did, was that we noticed we weren't getting closer, we were getting farther. There were no other cars on this road. Scott stopped in the middle and decided we were going to use google maps to locate the road that leads to this mysterious castle. I pulled out my trusty phone and he started researching. He ends up with a satellite view. Keep in mind, several minutes pass as we drive, research, and continue our talk about the castle. The anticipation builds. After figuring out which way is north, south, east, and west (on these winding roads in the middle of nowhere), he finds it! We know how to get to the castle!!!! We turn on the correct road, but to no avail. We can't get to it. There is a security gate located soon after we turned on the road. How did we not think of that possibility before? I guess we had our minds set that we were going to drive up right to it. Bummer! What a let down. We were all disappointed. Scott reminded me the castle is haunted. Ahem!....Scott England. How fun would it be to drive out there at sundown and jump the gate? I know, I am WAY too chicken. Plus, I am not fond of breaking the law. I would have LOVED to see 'the castle' up close. Oh well. I guess it makes for a somewhat interesting story...and doesn't it make you wonder? It does me. It made the day fun and interesting. BTW: Yay me! Can you believe I had my camera handy?

What have mommy and daddy gotten me into?

Looking for the castle.

Here is the first view.


Researching away

I am so sad the pictures don't give
it justice.

This was as close as we got.

The Gate

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