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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy 6 Month Birthday Brayden!

Brayden has been a sixth month blessing. The time has gone by so quickly. I look at him and I can't even imagine him at 6pounds 11ounces. He is so big, so animated, so talkative, so observant, so active, so smart, and SO perfect. We love our little guy! He has been a delight every day these last six months. We have a lot to look forward to.

Brayden is saying, "ba, ba, ba." Today he said, "ba, ma." He has yet to say, "mama'' or "dada" but, he is getting so close. He will be talking in no time. I think he is going to be a mixture of Scott and I both. He loves to talk but, not quite as much as I do. :-)

As you can see in the picture he has two teeth. I am certain more will pop up soon. For Christmas he received a John Deer corn that vibrates when he bites down on it. It soothes his itchy gums. Thank you Cousin Carson! Santa brought Brayden these mesh chewy things (that have a great handle on them) that you can put fruit and veggies in (see picture below). It's a great way for him to get the nutrients from fruit and veggies by straining them. Today was his first day to try banana. He didn't like it so much. I think he will eventually. His next veggie will be green beans. The doctor recommended he be introduced to one thing at a time and stick with it for a few days. This way we will know if he has any type of allergic reaction to the food. So, after 3 days of sweet potato we moved to banana. If both are fine for him to eat, then he can have both on the same day and start introducing more fruits and veggies (one at a time of course).

Our little boy has the cutest little expressions. There are just so many of them. He is such a flirt. He truly is. He has us all in the palm of his hand. He is now a veteran when it comes to rolling. He even scoots! He does especially well when there is something out of reach that he really wants. He puts forth great effort in to getting it. Once he tires, he let's out a little cry communicating "Okay, I am done...someone PLEASE get it for me." Sitting up? In the bag...so to speak. He sits so well. Every now and then he gets a little unbalanced and falls over. All in all, he does so well. As I type, Daddy is pulling his high chair out of the box and getting it all organized to put together.
Snuggling is one of Brayden's favorite things to do. Especially with ME. I am not bragging but, it's true. I am so happy he is so lovable. Another favorite of his is to laugh at his big sis! Nealy IS funny but, Brayden thinks she is a comedian. He loves her and she loves him. His favorite book by far: Pat the Bunny. Favorite time of day: Morning. Favorite toy: Dangle Bugs that hang from his car seat. I have a feeling he will have more soon now that he has so many to choose from. Favorite place to nap: in Mommy and Daddy's bed (with Mommy). Favorite actress: Miss Nealy. That also goes for dancer, singer, beat boxer, rapper, etc!:-)
Here is Mr. Brayden all giggles!
He put a pair of Big Sis' panties on his head!
Oh and as for walking? Not yet, but he is trying. It's so cute! Popo helped him in the mall this week. It makes me a little sad to see my little one growing so fast.

We will take Brayden to his 6 month baby wellness visit this Friday. I will post his weight, height, and head measurement along with percentages then. Happy Birthday Snuggle Bug!

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