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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Baby's First Christmas 1,2,3

What a wonderful time of year. We had so much fun this Christmas and it was twice as special now that we have TWO (one little, one big) to spoil. We are so happy we were able to spend the holiday with both our families. We started off at our house Christmas Eve. Most of my family was able to attend the festivities. We have a new member, Baby Aaron! This was his first Christmas as he was born December 21st weighing in at 6lbs 11ounces....just like Brayden!
Anyway, Christmas around noon we headed to Scott's parents house to continue on with the celebration. Brayden opened so many toys it was exhausting. Gran went a little crazy. It worked out perfect b/c my family purchased mostly clothes for him. So, once we were done stuffing our faces and opening present after present we headed home for some rest and relaxation. Oh wait, maybe not. This is when Santa came and dropped off gifts for the kids. Nealy went to town. Brayden on the other hand ate and took a little nap. We showed him later what Santa brought....he wasn't too impressed with the couple of cute pj's and boring stuff, but he did enjoy playing with MORE toys he received. After a little rest and cleaning we headed BACK to Scott's parents' to eat AGAIN. There Brayden played with his new kitchen/library/home set. It's really cool. Nealy tested out her new digital camera! By the way...I got one too! A NEW and IMPROVED one. Thanks honey! Okay, back to our house for OUR Christmas...Finally! We enjoyed it. Mostly because it was a time we were able to spend together...just the four of us. It was very special. We were in our comfy clothes with no worries.

Thanks to all my girls that sent me well wishes on Christmas day!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be merry and safe.

Baby's 1st Christmas

Brayden had his first veggie on Christmas Eve
Popo was kind enough to help out.
Yummy Sweet Potatoes

He really liked them!
Christmas Number 1
Our two Christmas Cuties
Aah! Sweet Baby Aaron!
Mom and Dad received a couples gift.
How cute...massaging covers for chairs!
Yolonda, you look great despite your pain girl!
Don't miss that !Beloved Aunt Pia...The BEST aunt in the WORLD!Nealy and Cousin Aiden
We need to make room in his closet! Christmas Number 2Isn't this sweet?Gran and her two favorite boysOne of OH SO MANY...This gift for Brayden came in the BIGGEST
Christmas bag I have ever seen.
It made a GREAT trash bag.This is going to be so much fun!Straight for the mouthChristmas Number 3
I sneaked this one! He rather be the camera man.I don't know if you can tell but,
he has the cutest smile on his face.
Little did she know that it was the I-pod Nano
she has been wanting!Time for...Tool Man Brayden


Priscilla Andrade said...

Oh my goodness! I know I say it every time but these are the best pictures yet! Both Nealy and Brayden are too cute for words! Add Baby Aaron and Aiden and it's all most too much! I'm a very lucky Aunt!

Catherine said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! I can't believe how big the kids are getting, and SO CUTE!! I don't know what ya'll have planned for New Years Eve, but we are having people over for a poker night/fun night. Should be fun, let me know if you want to come, we'd love to have all of you! :)