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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baby Wellness Visit

Weight: 16lbs 10oz ~ 25th-50th percentile
Height: 26 Inches ~ 25th-50th percentile
Head: 43 3/4 Centimeters ~ 50th percentile

Yesterday Daddy took Brayden to his 6 month appointment. Scott has been so great. He let me take a long nap and took our little guy b/c he knows I don't like to see the shots! I was so excited I could hardly wait to hear what Dr. Katz had to say. Scott told me that he emphasized child-proofing our house and safety.

Here is our list of to do before we go back to work
1. lockup household products and medicines
2. protect electrical outlets, cords, and couplings
3. keep plastic bags, balloons, small objects out of reach
4. add a gate to our stairs leading up and down
5. get down on Brayden's level and look all around for hazards

Also, we received a pat on the back for introducing solids correctly! Yay! We started them on the 24th, two days before his 6 month birthday. Brayden was showing all the signs of being ready to eat (sitting up without help, watching us with great interest as we ate, and of course holds his up well and had no problems with cereal). I would have felt bad feasting during the holiday and not allowing him to at least have a little something. :-) Anyway, Brayden can start drinking water (bottled with Flouride) in a sippy cup. He can start biting on the baby teething crackers. He'll enjoy this. With all this eating we now have to brush his two teeth. We were instructed to use a wash cloth and wipe well. How cute! I am sure Brayden won't mind...almost everything goes into his mouth anyway.

First time to try the sippy cup

"I'm not to sure about this!"

Brayden LOVES his John Deer Corn!

Cutie Pie!

I will post pictures of "Mirror Time" soon! Now that he knows it's HIS reflection looking back at him...it's taken on a whole new meaning. He knows he's a handsome fellow and our "Mirror Time" sometimes lasts quite a while. It's fun and so adorable. This is a time we really encourage vocalization. ...Let the talking begin! Oh and it does.

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