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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Scott!!!

Okay, so October 2nd was Scott's 28th birthday. We celebrated this past weekend. I thought back to all the surprises Scott always has up his sleeve for the kids and me. He truly is a very generous man. He is very frugal and a super money manager yet, when it comes to gift giving he absolutely has no reservations. He is SO thoughtful and showers us with gifts on a regular basis. I know that he doesn't like a lot of attention and he likes to give rather than receive so...I wanted to do something simple yet, meaningful. So, I had a surprise dinner for him. Some of Scott's friends...our friends joined us for yummy Mexican food and margaritas at Blue Goose. Those of you who check out the blog...THANKS SO MUCH for coming. It meant a lot to Scott. Nealy and Brayden went with us too. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the nice weather. I don't have pics because leave it up to me to forget the camera at home. Oh well, that didn't damper the celebration! Tuesday was his actual birthday and he had a football game. We all went and cheered the Mavericks on. Unfortunately, they lost. :-( However, after I was able to pull my baby boy away from all the admirers...I was able to snap a few shots of him and daddy! It was a relaxing time and again the weather was great! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!! Oh! I forgot! In the England Household we have a BIRTHDAY WEEK (I initiated this tradition...go ahead call me spoiled)!!! So technically, we are still in the process of celebrating!

Honey, life with you...

...is too sweet for words!

WE LOVE YOU! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

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