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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy 4 Month Birthday Brayden!

Brayden was 4 months yesterday! I can't believe it. He is developing a sweet personality and is very aware of his surroundings. He is doing so many things. He transfers toys from one hand to the other. He is smiling EVEN more and laughing so much. He is now grabbing and pulling at my hair and Nealy's. I have to say goodbye to my hoop earrings as soon as I get home. OR else I could have a serious mishap! He loves sitting in his saucer and playing with all the toys. He enjoys looking at bright colors and is starting to show more interest during story time. I read the quick (mostly picture) books to him. After bath we started "mirror time." "Mirror time" is a time I sit him in front of the mirror for about 15 minutes and we talk. He likes his refection and studies himself for quite a while. It's a special time. Nealy joins us sometimes as well as Scott. He is STILL not sleeping through the night, but it doesn't matter. We are enjoying him SO much. He has filled our lives with so much love I can't even express it in words. He makes us smile and puts us in a good mood every day. As time goes on, I am realizing that Brayden may really take after his daddy. He is very calm and collect. He is not typically fussy nor is he whiny. "Like father, like son" I say. Nealy definitely takes after me as she is a tiny bit high maintenance and dramatic. Ha! So, I look forward to "NO DRAMA" in the up coming years. He had a little cough last week so I took him to After Hours Pediatrics. When we went in he was weighing in at 15lbs. 2oz. We will have his 4 month appointment on the 30th. I will post his percentages then. I LOVE YOU BRAYDEN....My heart thumps full force with love for you little guy! Happy four months!!!!

Our Little Sweetie!

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Catherine said...

Awww...so big and cute!!