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Friday, September 14, 2007

Tissue please!

It is a bitter sweet time for me! I have to go back to work on Monday. I am happy to return to a job I love but, sad to leave my sweet little boy whom I love even more. I have had a little over 12 weeks with him and feel blessed to have had that amount of time to bond and get the nursing business down. I will miss devoting my time to my little guy. I cherished every wonderful moment and every not so wonderful moment with him. Last night Scott was talking to him in our bed. I was holding him. Scott was talking to him about all the little faces he makes...you know, just silly talk. Well, Scott said, "We love all those smiles (as Brayden was smiling) and sometimes you make this face (Scott pouted...sticking his lower lip down). Brayden COPIED the exact face and held it for about 5 seconds and then would smile SO big. Scott would repeat the sentence and face and Brayden would copy it AGAIN and then laugh. This continued 2 or 3 more times. It was the CUTEST thing. It brought tears (the emotional ones) to my eyes as Scott and I laughed so hard. I swear if we had video taped it we would be millionaires! I have NEVER seen anything like it. It is a moment I will always remember.

Yesterday, I went to work to read a story to my kids and let them know I would be back on Monday. I took Brayden to his Gran's. She was SO excited to keep him for a few hours. I on the other hand was a little sad. We have left him only one time before. I know it sounds crazy to some of you out there but, I really did get a knot in my throat. Gran LOVES Brayden and will give him 100% of her attention and love while he is with her...so this makes me feel a better!

Dropping him off...tissue please!

Had to have one more

Gran is beside herself!

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Catherine said...

AWWW...So sweet! I only cried once this week, but my mom was watching him. Next week is daycare week, I'm going to be a wreck! We can cry together!