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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cool Days are Approaching

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year! I just love to snuggle and decorate for HALLOWEEN. Scott already purchased this cute little scarecrow for the front of the house. Anyway, we are picking out the kids' costumes...well, Brayden's. Nealy picks out what she wants to be every year. So, please vote. I think the Teddy is so cute. However, Scott says the skunk is perfect because our little prince can be a little stinker...literally. RANDOM INFO: I was reading lots of infant care literature and he really does fall under the 'easy' baby category every time. I can't complain about being up every 4 hours to nurse when he is so sweet. My 8 hours of sleep will eventually come. :-) As soon as he is done nursing he settles himself back to sleep within seconds. Okay, back to FALL being my FAVORITE time of year! The weather is perfect and I love to see all the different colors in the trees. AND I can't wait to dress my little guy in sweaters. Yesterday, when daddy came home we were all outside to welcome him. Fun times. Last night was a little cool. So, I put on Brayden's long PJ's...so cute!

"So happy daddy's home."

Great Job Nealy!

"Big Sis is a pretty girl."

So Snuggly

"Enough Mommy. I am sleepy."

"Night, night Daddy."

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