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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What have I done now?

I submitted a picture of Brayden James to TLC. I think he is cute enough to be on t.v. Don't you? Most definitely. It's so funny because as I type these posts, sometimes Nealy reads over my shoulder and says, "Mom, don't you know you are bragging way too much? It's embarrassing! You are not suppose to brag." I tell her she is correct. However, it is totally different when a mom brags about her kids or says nice things about other people. Especially when it's all true!;-0 Ha!

Okay, I will keep you posted on the outcome. Unfortunately, I won't know a specific time or day his picture will be on, but I am going to record the TLC Baby Block every day until it does. I am crazy like this. You all know how crazy involved Nealy was in pageants and fashion shows when she was little. Don't worry I don't plan on torturing my little boy with such things. I can already tell he is ALL boy!

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Catherine said...

You're so funny! I think he is for sure cute enough! I submitted one of Makayla too, I lauged when I read your blog. We are obsessed!