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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Pink Surprise!

Scott England gives the best gifts and is so generous. Last night he picked up Nealy from volleyball practice because little prince and I were getting ready for bed. He and Nealy made an unexpected stop on the way home and he bought her a pink bicycle. It is really cool. It's a big girl bike. What a nice surprise! I didn't know until Scott came into the bedroom and I was up with Brayden. He just said, "Well, I bought Nealy a bike." How sweet! There wasn't any special reason or occasion. He did it just because he wanted to. I really didn't talk to Nealy this morning much because Scott takes her to school, but when I picked her up this afternoon she had a lot to say! She said she had fallen asleep in Scott's truck and woke up when he shut the door. She woke up and they went into Walmart and went to the bike section. He let her choose the one she wanted. She told me she didn't think they were going to buy it, but the next thing she new she was on her way home with it in the back of the truck. She said she thought about it all day at school. Awe! She also said Scott gave her the choice between the bike or a trampoline. Wow! He said he would get her the trampoline later. We LOVE you hon! You are the best husband and daddy! Anyway, I reminded Nealy that he is the one that purchased her the Nintendo DS a couple of years ago and recently the Nintendo Wii! Oh and I almost forgot...this awesome electric scooter that is also hot pink last year for Christmas. Unfortunately, it is crazy raining outside...hopefully it will clear up and Nealy can show Brayden how to ride a bike. ;-) She can teach me too!
Nealy planting a Kiss!
Brayden is sitting on her new bike.

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Catherine said...

How sweet of Scott! And are you telling me you don't know how to ride a bike???