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Monday, July 16, 2007

Brayden at 3 weeks!

Brayden is 3 weeks old today! Look at how he has grown. He has
a lot to say lately. He makes little growling sounds when he is
uncomfortable or not quite content. He only cries when he is
hungry or needs a diaper change. He is very sweet and is a
happy baby. The amount of love we have for him grows
every day. He is our perfect baby boy.

Nealy loves you
so much Mr. Brayden!

Today was the day that his eyes appear as though they
are going to be a light shade of brown. Before today we thought
they may be green. Of course when he was born they were a dark
blue. We are a brown eyed family, so this color will probably
stick. His skin tone is so pretty. He is sun kissed. Our little
guy looks as though he has been spending his days on a beach.

What a handsome little prince he is.

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