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Sunday, June 24, 2007

One Thing Leads to Another

Let me start off by saying, "I am READY." Friday night I started having consistent contractions again. I had disabling pain in my legs (where my legs meet my hips). I went to bed praying I make it through Saturday so I would be able to throw and attend Nealy's birthday party. I woke up early and felt great. I ran a few errands and ended up at Hobby Lobby. I found a sale on canvas (two per package). I remembered an idea from my friend Cara. So, I too made a little sign for the hospital room door. I also made a picture for Brayden's room. I think it will look great on the chocolate wall. It will be a nice contrast. I don't consider myself very 'artsy fartsy' but, I like to draw and it was relaxing...I painted in bed. :-) I am going to add white ribbed ribbon on the the 'sweet pea' one to hang. Although, I know there won't be be a day or night that goes by that Baby Brayden doesn't receive a kiss, I thought 'always kiss me goodnight' was a sweet saying. I thought making the moon and star looking at each other gave it a more meaningful touch.

So, continuing on with yesterday, Nealy's party was a huge success! I am so happy. I will post details as soon as I receive the pictures. My sister is sending them to me tomorrow. It was very cute to say the least!

Last night, I received the news that my friend Megan had her baby girl, Ella Sophia. She weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces! Yikes! Megan's due date was July 7th and she had her Friday! I am happy to announce she is a healthy baby. I am being induced only 5 days before my actual due date and I keep hearing stories about babies arriving 2 weeks early. Hmm? I just think it's interesting how you just never know...

Today, I am feeling okay. I still have those darn pains. I will update tomorrow! Better go and help Scott...he has been working so hard. My sweetie!

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Catherine said...

You are amazing! The signs are so cute! I can't believe you made them! Tomorrow is the big day, we are so excited for you guys. Be sure we know what room you are in so we can come visit. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday right next to the hospital, I'd love to stop by if you don't mind the company!