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Monday, June 25, 2007

To Brayden From Nealy

Nealy made a special monkey for Brayden. She recorded her voice to have put in him. She says, "I love you Brayden." She made this little monkey after she completed her bear (I should say puppy) at her birthday party. Brayden's room has a zoo animal theme so it's perfect. Isn't this the sweetest thing? Brayden will love it. He will eventually understand the message and know he has a fantastic big sister! She will give it to him at the hospital.

So this will be my last post before the big event. Nealy's birthday post is work in progress. Anyway, I am counting down the hours. I am doing the last minute things here at the house while waiting for Scott to get home. Today is his last day of summer school. Okay...I no longer am confused about the 'nesting' process. I think at first I just thought it meant getting prepared and doing some cleaning. Well, it hit hard last night and let me tell you, Scott, Nealy, and I were all 'nesting' apparently. Nealy and I are still at it today. We have cleaned all three bathrooms including the toilets, sinks, floors, decor, etc. Scott swept and mopped the entry that leads back to the kitchen, the kitchen and nook. He also put up the curtains in our room. Our room is black and white...and Scott said to me last night, "Well, it looks a little ghothic Morticia." He is SO funny....AND it does not look ghothic. I don't think anyway. I organized our closet and Brayden's closet. Nealy went to town in the kitchen disinfecting and scrubbing...even cleaning the outside of the cabinets. We all put up last minute wall decor in the house. Early this morning I tidied up the upstairs and brought down any empty boxes. Scott will put up the living room curtains and clear out Brayden's room (meaning taking out the plastic from painting and ladder etc). Sometime today we will vacuum and off we will go!

As far as emotions, I am delighted, excited, anxious, and a little sad. Today is the last day of our family as we know it. Nealy slept with us last night and it was a very peaceful way to end our night. We all climbed into bed (not talking but,) knowing all our lives will change forever. I am also a little sad that I no longer will have these precious little feelings of Brayden dancing in my tummy. :-( The delighted and excited emotions are overwhelming. I am breathing in EXCITEMENT....we all are!!! We are hours away from meeting the newest member of our family. A BABY BOY! I am having a BABY BOY! I still can't believe it. So, you who know me well, know that I experience high levels of anxiety at times. Well, this is one of those times. I am anxious to get things done, make sure I leave nothing I need for the hospital behind, and most of all I am anxious about the labor. I pray that all goes well and look forward to the happy ending!

I am so very thankful for my life. I have a beautiful, smart, and loving daughter. I love her unconditionally as I will love my sweet little Brayden. I have a beautiful husband who is also smart and loving...but, more importantly loves me for me. He has told me more times than I can count, that he lives to make me happy and is happy when I am happy. Awe! I know he would do anything for me and our family. He is ONE IN A MILLION. I must have done something right for God to have blessed me with Scott. I love him so much!

Thank you to all who visit my blog to stay updated on the latest. I have great family members and friends. Thanks to all of you. Thanks to those who have written to me or called me today letting me know I am in your thoughts and prayers.

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