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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fall FOTO Fun with Instagram!



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This is a card B made for Gran-daddy.  We’ve been unbelievably busy and so much has happened in the months of October and November.  Scott’s dad was in the hospital for over a month.  An initial scheduled heart surgery was ALL we thought he was going in for.  There were several setbacks…but, I am so happy to announce that he came home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.   We are a blessed family and look forward to his recovery.  For those of you have supported us and prayed for Scott’s dad…we LOVE you and thank you! 

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Twinkie day (by accident) with a bestie!:)

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Brayden’s Thanksgiving Feast and Program

This was so special because during these trying months, we weren’t sure we were going to be able to keep B in school.  With Scott’s mom taking and picking him up every day being needed….and well with Scott’s dad in the hospital, she understandably couldn’t continue to do it.  We are so blessed that his school was willing to work with us, support, and pray for our family.  We are thankful to family members who helped along the way get B to and from school the last several weeks.  Watching him perform at his little program (as a pilgrim this year), was heart warming and special.  We all took off school that day to go watch and feast…and more importantly thank God!

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Our Pride and Joy x 2!:)

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Erica Cornish said...

Sorry to hear about Scott's dad, I am going to pray for him. Love hoe the girls dressed alike by accident. Baby B is growing up, and so is Nealy. XXX happy holidays