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Sunday, April 15, 2012

One Bean


One Bean 1

This book by, Anne Rockwell is a great way to introduce the plant life cycle to children.  One Bean is one of the books I purchased in Brayden’s Scholastic Book Order.  He actually picked it out.  It was perfect for a little experiment too!

One Bean 2

We followed the little steps in the story so (hopefully) B would end up with his very own Bean Plant!


One Bean 3

We found an old pot & plate, some soil, and we placed the little potted bean in direct sunlight after watering it.  We checked on it every day.  After about 4 days…


One Bean 4

LOOK!  The bean started to sprout!  Brayden was super excited, he came running to tell me as soon as I arrived home from work one day.


One Bean 5

Soon, we had a lovely little bean plant.  In a week or so, we may very well plant it outside.  What fun it was to read and reread One Bean and actually have B plant his very own bean.  I would totally recommend, One Bean for little ones taking an interest in nature or just a sweet read about the steps of the plant life cycle told in story form. 


Mommie Couture said...

I love this! I'll definitely have to do this when P gets older!

Erica {A Sooner Sweetheart} said...

Wanted to wish your Princess Luck at her try-outs for the Catz( if she is trying out again, hope so).