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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg-citement!

In preparation for B’s Easter party at school, I found a “bunny hoppin” cute idea…of course on Pinterest!

I can’t even tell you how egg-cited B was to give these to his friends.  He loved the idea and told me Cheetos were his class’ favorite….score!

Easter 002

I added a cute little tag and ta-da! …some serious carrot cuteness!

  School 004 School 003

School 006

B leads our prayer at home before meals and almost every time, I get a little lump in my throat.  To see 11 little ones pray so sweet and accurately was simply heart-warming.

School 021

delivering the goodies to the cubbies

School 041

B giving Mrs. York an Easter goodie!  He ADORES Mrs. York.  She has a darling personality..peppy and sweet.  She is the perfect teacher for B.

School 046

School 047

The class made these precious little Easter Bunny bags for their egg hunt.

School 055

Some egg-cellent artwork!

School 066

This is the class (B is hiding behind Mrs. York), listening to directions before hunting for eggs.  Each student was assigned a number that was written on the bottom of his/her bag.  Parents sent in eggs numbered 1-13 (number of students in the class).  It was a really cute idea and it ensured that each child get the same number of eggs total.  Two friends were absent so Mrs. York collected their eggs.  ANYWAY, it was so dang cute to see all the kids running around hunting for eggs!

School 067

School 081

School 084

Yep, that’s Nealy.  I sure did take her out of school to attend this special time with B.  Scott recently attended Dad and Donuts Day, so he wasn’t able to make it this day.

School 092

So super proud of this picture!  I know he will outgrow me some day and this photo (though, I’m kneeling and he’s standing) gives me a little “visual” of what a photo in future of us might look like.  …lump in my throat again.

School 107

Gran came too!

School 108

umm, ladies man?

School 110

cute. right?

School 122

After the egg hunt we came back to the classroom for craft time!

School 140

B had a variety of stickers to put on his dyed hard-boiled egg.  He chose one. …a soccer ball. Fitting!

School 143

School 144

School 154

What a wonderful afternoon!  It certainly was a great start to get us excited about Easter.  Along with the egg-citement and fun, I was able to observe my little guy in a structured learning environment!  He was calm (trust me, isn’t always), obedient, sweet, and social.  I was content, proud, and know we are one blessed family!

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Mommie Couture said...

Your crafts get cuter and cuter!! I love it! :)