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Friday, February 4, 2011

SnOw my GoOdnEss!


After being cooped in for 3 days straight, I finally got out yesterday.  All the ice hype was simmering down for me.  Yeah, it was cold but, I mean not THAT cold.  I guess I was just amazed that the streets were drive-able and sure there were some slick areas (where you had to be very careful) but, I just didn’t get it.  So this morning, I woke up to make some ‘sweet lovelies” (that post coming later) and I totally forgot that it even was suppose to snow during the night.  I noticed there was an unusual white brightness peeking it’s way in through the blinds.  When I looked out of the office window….HOLY SNOW!  It was simply beautiful.  I immediately asked B if he wanted to go play.  Knowing he could have said, “nope.”…He’s funny that way.  He actually said, “Yeah, I need to put all my clothes on so I don’t turn into a snowman.”  I explained we were only going to go out for just a little bit (as the temperature was below freezing).  He seemed fine with that and even said, “we don’t want to turn into ice-cubes?”…it was more of a question than a statement.  I said, “absolutely not!” and we were off!  Off to our front yard for some glorious SnOw my GooDneSS FuN!


              snow2 snow3 snow4


my snowy booga-licious!

      snow6 snow7

Look how deep my foot went into the snow!

              snow9 snow8




After our snow outing, we ran in (stripped our wet clothes off and put dry pj’s on) and snuggled up in front of the tube under a big blanket on the couch.  Now, that’s what I call a great morning!

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yomaida said...

I forgot to say...all the hype came back. It is c.o.l.d. out there. my left ear was pulsating once inside. It's way cold. So bundle up if you go out!;)