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Sunday, February 6, 2011

dream a little dream

These photos to follow are of areas, houses, & roads I travel down almost daily and sometimes twice a day.  These scenes have existed from the time my husband was a child (and he’s been able to see them since then).  For me they have only been in my mind in recent years.  I dream about places like this.   I picture waking up early on bright winter’s morning drinking my coffee and looking out and appreciating scenes just like these.  They bring me a sense of peace, security and serenity that I can’t quite explain.  I have always gravitated to the country, land and nature.  It’s like this unbreakable pull that is always there but, sometimes I can ignore it.  To be honest, I think I fought quite well back in the day.  I let trends and social expectations get the better of me and have always lived in the city in a neighborhood or complex of some sort.  Now, I don’t want to be hypocritical because I have never disliked where I have lived, and where I live now.  It’s just the idea of living on land (even if it’s a teensy bit) and in a farmhouse has been so irresistible to me within recent months…maybe even year.  I don’t want animals (that came out wrong).  I don’t want to take care of animals and have an actual farm that needs a lot of upkeep.  Although, I sincerely admire today’s farmer and anyone who has to work daily on their property, that’s just not my thing.   I have researched farmhouses.  I even Google: farmhouses for sale…etc.  I mean it’s kinda an OBSESSION.  It’s driving my hubby a little…completely bananas.  I can’t help it though.  I even made this:

 farmhouse top 5 copy

….that’s not a lot to ask.  Am I right?

I have also found tons o’ blogs about farmhouses, renovating them and decorating them.  Aah…farmhouse heaven!  The farmhouse I hope to score…will only need minimal renovations.  I can only imagine how fun it would be to decorate a quaint little farmhouse (NOT country/craft, rather cozy, warm, modern,…with the slightest bit of traditional farmhouse spice.  Oh and a splash if vintage). I will say, I have read that farmhouses are a current trend and making a huge comeback.  What the????  Trend?  That is exactly what I thought I wasn’t doing,…following some sort of trend. Boo!  Oh and get this, (I feel so naive), but apparently, many girls have MY farmhouse dream!  Seriously?  Oh well, I know that I have always had this little dream since I was a child.  Silly of me to think that no one else shares this dream.  Isn’t that with everything?  People DO share similar dreams.  Anyway, when I was little my grandparents lived on about 2 and half acres in Goree TX, which is a little itty bitty city in Knox County.  As a child, I would daydream about the sweet little farmhouses we’d pass on our drive from Plano to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Those were the days….AND these are the days I have today.   I leave you with a few photos that inspire me and let me dream MY little dream.  I’ll keep dreaming bc you never know where dreams will lead. (wink wink…to my honey).

A snow

B snow

C snow

Now this is the house I “ooh and aah” about all the time.  It’s hard to tell but, it does sit on a little hill.  The little road you see ONLY leads up to this house and the land behind it.  Driving from the opposite direction on the road you see (photo above) you can catch a glimpse of a beautiful back porch and possibly detached garage in the same crisp white.  One day I may be brave and just drive up there. :)

D snow 

This one sits a bit passed the above house on the left.  Simple, yet still love it! 

 E snow F snow

G snow

H snow

I snow

This one below is ADORABLE!  This is where Brayden gets his hair cut.  The family is friends with Scott’s family….AND this red beauty is for sale!!!  It’s too cute!  Really, it is!  I picked B up there once or twice.  Just the feel when driving up is unexplainable.  Instantly a sense of curiosity, warmth, and overall good feeling begins.



I can see my family sitting on that front porch on a warm summer night enjoying a big ‘ole glass of iced tea.  I know it’s not about WHERE you live rather, HOW you live.  BUT, my HOW would be so much more complete HERE….I’ll keep dreaming my little dream!:)  What’s your little dream?



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I love it! What an absolutely precious way to live! Love P!

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