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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bumblebee & a Train!

The day doesn’t get any better than this!  Today, I had to go pick up a few things for my classroom and do a little bit of shopping.  The kids and I had a grand, yet HOT time.  Actually, since we got the day started early, it wasn’t too bad.  Anyway, the absolute BEST part of the day was when we pulled in to the Mardel’s parking lot only to SEE Bumblebee (You know, the small yellow Autobot? He’s a Transformer).  I am SO GLAD I had my camera!  I’m tellin’ you!  This was EXCITING STUFF!  Brayden was in total agreement (even happy) to pose for me while I snapped away.  The only thing that cut this photo shoot short was my fear of the owner walking up.  Knowing me, I would have explained the story about Bumblebee being Brayden’s favorite Autobot E.V.E.R.  and how my sweet little son thinks he and Bumblebee have some sort of special ‘connection’ bc both their names start with letter ‘Bb’!  I would have gone on and on….AND on.  Who would want to deal with THAT?! SO, needless to say, I only snapped a few very quickly.  Aah!  This was complete greatness!

IMG_3568 copy

          IMG_3574 copy IMG_3572 copy

IMG_3571 copy

IMG_3569 copy

After school stuff-shopping we headed over to the mall for an early lunch!  Nealy and I reminded B about his encounter with the one-and-only. This is his serious face he gave us.  Too funny!

IMG_3579 copy

IMG_3580 copy

 IMG_3583 copy IMG_3590 copy

Oh, and of course Nealy had to eat a specialty sandwich.  She couldn’t have Sonic like B and me.  And yeah, she brought it in to Sonic to eat.  ….this girl of mine!

IMG_3592 copy

The specialty potato chip…just lightly salted (insert here: my eyes rolling to the heavens).

IMG_3594 copy

Here is the train part! Woo-Hoo!  We rode a motorized train around the park at the mall.  SO fun!  When it took off the “conductor” rang the bell.  Brayden was SO excited.  I was happy.  Nealy was worried someone she knew might see her.  Oh brother!  She truly was a really good sport during our outing today, I have to say.  (It never gets boring in my world…I didn’t say CRAZY…but, there is honestly never a dull moment).

IMG_3596 copy

IMG_3604 copy

IMG_3599 copy


     IMG_3623 copy IMG_3620 copy

…the beauty of summertime EQUALS no make-up and wearing your gym clothes all day.  What?  I’m cool like that. Ha!

IMG_3632 copy

IMG_3614 copy

IMG_3634 copy

This is the my last photo!  I kid you not, Nealy said if I take ONE more pic…she was going to tackle me…. Notice her grin! HELP!!!!

IMG_3646 copy

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