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Monday, January 18, 2010

three-peat…third place at the hoop shoot

She’s a competitor!  This was Nealy’s third consecutive year at the district’s hoop shoot contest!  It really was an unexpected little surprise when she called on a Thursday after school to say,

Nealy : “Mom, guess what?”

Me: “What?”

Nealy:  “I won the hoop shoot…..AGAIN!”

Me: “Uh uh...seriously?”

Nealy: “Yeah!  I can’t believe it either but, I did.  It’s this Saturday.  The coach asked me if I was going to be able to compete and attend.  I said yes, because I knew you would take me and say yes.”

Me: “Wow!  That’s awesome babe.  Well, I guess we’ll be going to the hoop shoot….again.”

The best part was that Nealy actually placed!  There was a three way tie.   So, the best out of five shots would place third.  The first girl to shoot missed all five shots.  The next girl up made 3 of the 5.  Nealy made her first 3 (I’m thinking okay…she only needs one more) and missed the last 2 (aaah).  It was STILL tied between Nealy and the second girl.  So…..The girl shoots again and misses ALL 5.  This was in the bag…right?  Well, Nealy steps up to shoot.  She misses the first,….the second,…the third,….the fourth (you are KIDDING.ME!…this isn’t happening).  She MAKES the fifth!  It was totally edge of your seat exciting!  Way to go N! 

hoop shoot 1



hoopshoot 2

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