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Saturday, December 12, 2009

It’s starting to look a lot like…



          Christmas, Everywhere we go….

Our little “kickstart” was Tuesday night at Nealy’s choir concert!  It was amazing.  The choir sang in 3 different languages and even rapped a Christmas song with sunglasses on.  It was a very entertaining performance.  Brayden loved it and so did we!  We loved your singing Nealy.  Awesome job!


Below are just a couple little photos of each of the kids’ Christmas trees.  They Nealy likes putting her tree up every Christmas.  It fits the color scheme in her room and it has a little bit of a ‘bling’ style!  We started the same tradition for B this year.  Gran bought him his very own tree for his room.  She made sure to include some vintage cars and trains, but threw in some of his other favorite items like, John Deere tractors and even a sweet little cow with a wreath around it’s neck.  We all had a jolly time decorating it.  I like the idea of them having their own little ‘bit’ of Christmas in their room!  Oh and I can’t forget.  We pulled out their little Christmas reindeer (they made last December) to put on the beds.

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