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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Goodies, Jolly Footies

Our friends, Megan and Ella came over tonight for a  Christmas playdate.  It’s such a crazy-busy time of year that we are happy they were able to come and hang out for a while.  Ella and Brayden exchanged Christmas books and we all wore our Christmas PJ’s!  It was a quiet, and relaxing evening visiting away and watching our tots play.  Megan came to my school on Wednesday to pick up her Christmas cards and we both explained how we were excited to get together tonight!  She is expecting a new baby in May so it’s fun to hear all about the plans.  We were so busy chatting and drinking hot chocolate, that I didn’t get one single pic of Megan. :-(  I did however, get a few of Brayden and Ella.  We certainly had a merry time with you guys!  Hugs to you both Megan and Ella!



1a  at one point they were playing games on the i-phones.  Our smarty pants - Christmas elves!2


Later (after the playdate),  I thought about it and…I wanted to get some of the kids and me….Ha-Ha!  We look like we could be Santa’s helpers, straight from the North Pole….silly us in our jolly footies!

a teensy struggle


more like it! uh, a little too much of the flash…not sure what happened, but we aren’t at all pale :)  Plus, it was the only ‘looking at the camera’ one!


We took one with me on her back…I saved myself a little pride.


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Anonymous said...

Cute pjs!!! Glad y'all had fun! XOXO Pris!!!