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Monday, December 28, 2009

2 1/2 Totally Terrific Tot!


Brayden turned 2 years and 6 months on the day after Christmas.  We are just so proud of his milestones and the little person he has become.  He is very sweet, charismatic, and a whole bunch of smart.  He’s determined, opinionated, kind, and stubborn.  He has an amazing vocabulary using such words as: seriously, crossed, think, and gracious (correctly).  Some of his favorite phrases: I love it, let’s do this (deep and throaty), how about…, I’m serious, and let’s fight (yikes).  He picks up on subtleties. He will interpret non verbal communication correctly and ask questions.  One day, I wasn’t feeling at all well, and I sat on the bathroom floor with my head on my knees.  He came in and asked, “mommee, are you sick?”  He then proceeded to rub my back. He’s a little sweetie. He is asking and answering questions daily.  His interest in knowing new things has grown. He will have a phone conversation for up to 10 minutes.  He really enjoys talking on the phone.  His stubbornness comes out often.  He likes for things to be his way (what kid doesn’t?)…so we are continuing to work on redirecting and even giving him “time to think” when he doesn’t follow directions.  He’s very determine when it comes to problem solving.  He doesn’t give up easily but, gets frustrated if he doesn’t get it right.  Brayden is totally into technology.  He likes playing games on the computer and our phones.  He also likes to watch daddee play video games.  We obviously limit how much he does this but, he shows interest and is pretty darn good at navigating through my i-phone and playing game after game.   He has a way of pulling smiles and giggles out of you.  He’s funny and very silly.  He acts like a big boy (most of the time) but, likes being ‘babied’ sometimes too. He’s just a sweet boy, plain and simple.  We couldn’t LOVE him more!

We went to his 30 month health maintenance visit today and he is a healthy-happy boy!


Here are his stats:

wt: 28lbs (25-50%) ht: 37 (50-75%) head: 50 1/2 50-75%

He’s right along with his growing curve and actually grown in height quite a bit. Yay! 

Things we are working on:

following directions the first time they’re given

staying in “time to think” spot

potty training-just continuing to read books about it and talk about it but, not force (Dr. Katz said forcing the issue and introducing it when a child is not ready could really work against us.  He said it becomes a control issue for the child and it would be a battle that no parent would win.  Not to mention, it could be emotionally negative).

dressing himself (which he really helps us like pulling his shirt over his head and putting his arms in his shirt or jacket)

washing his hands himself (just something I haven’t thought to let him do.  Rather, I stand him on step-stool and talk him through it but, usually wash his hands for him in the end).

Things he likes:

trains, tractors, and transformers


apples, french fries, and milk

playing with my hair

play ‘fighting’ with Nealy

playing games on my phone

reading BIG informational books on John Deere tractors

playing with friends


identifying letters and finding his name

farm animals

Things he doesn’t like:

diaper changes

“thinking time”

cleaning up toys

trying new foods

for me to be on the computer (oops)!

changing clothes

We simply adore you Brayden James!  You are such a little alpha-male in the making.  You are a take charge boy (strong and brave) yet, sensitive, kind, and thoughtful little fellow.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect little boy…  my baby boy.  I LOVE YOU! You’ll forever be my snuggle bug!


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