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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Weekend

Our labor day weekend was one full of relaxation, family, friends, discovery, and even a new project! Here are a couple of pics. The break down:

Friday night: B and I go and get ice-cream & sit on the patio, visit with my sis, and mom.
Saturday: Shopping, B gets a haircut (he didn't cry), I discover Which Wich Sandwiches...yum!, make some potato salad for a cookout (another yum!), attend the cookout, hang with sweet friends!...the potato salad was a hit.
Sunday: Lazy day with the family, a trip to Which Wich...again! Nealy came home and we spend time laughing and telling stories in bed. We talk and plan for fall (can't say it enough...my favorite season)!
Monday: Start the day off with some Starbucks and Nealy and I plan our vision for fall/Halloween photos. Thus, the new project. I'm gonna give you a sneak peak but, I will only say, it's going to be fun, vibrant, and down right outrageous!

My little guy! He had a so much
fun playing with his friends.

Cute. Cute. Cute.
He is a cool little dude.

My sweet friend Cara! It was so great to catch up...we could talk for hours! Trust me, ask our husbands.

Precious Makayla
she took a pretty bad spill.
you can't miss her "ouchie."
Still just as pretty though.

Our friends, Candi and Lance!...nice
bright-white smiles friends.
I am sad I missed out on lots of
other friends...I dropped the ball
when it came to picture taking this night.
I was having too much fun chatting.

The kids...you see Brayden scoping out the pink
lawn-mower? He was on a mission.

Sweet Landon giving hugs.
What happened next? B accidentally tripped and/or
fell backwards. Shoutout to Landon:
No worries dude...all is good.

my silly boys

yeah, I took a pic...so what?

Here is the fab project! I wasn't quite
done when I took the photo though. I'm
going to add some dazzle and there is ribbon
you can't see that ties into a bow.
So...I was just going to buy one until I saw the
average cost was around 50 dollars. Uh, for a
tulle tutu that's going to be used for a picture?
No thanks? But, it's going to be a little outfit
for Halloween too!
I hope all had a restful labor day weekend. We sure did! :)


Anonymous said...

OMG! I love Which Wich! I always get it at the North Park Mall and sneak it into the movie theater! Yikes! I hope I don't get caught! ~ Pris

Team Carroll said...

I still can't believe you're just now finding out about Which Wich!!! Greatness!!! It was fun catching up with you the other night!! SO sorry Landon bear hugged B and knocked him down...that kid doesn't know his own strength!! SO sorry!!! That potatoe salad was Y-U-M-M-Y!!! I NEED the recipe STAT! AND...the tutu is TOO cute!! Love it!