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Saturday, September 26, 2009

27th month old, Big Boy!


Brayden James is such Big Boy! He is definitely all boy with a tender side. He STILL loves to snuggle. Especially at night. He’ll say, “snuggle bug” or “snuggle baby.” He can identify emotions and and even make the different faces and VOICES. It’s super cute.

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He likes sorting things such as farm animals and sea animals, types of land vehicles, big and little, AND yucky things and yummy things. He makes such an effort to sing his “CBC’s” AKA: “ABC’s.” He can identify almost all the letters of the alphabet and recognizes his name in written form. (mostly because his name is displayed in his room and he spells it out every time he is in there). He calls the letter ‘s’ a ‘2’…but, hey, I can totally see why he makes that mistake:). Oh, and he sometimes calls the letter ‘g’ a number ‘8.’ He gets confused with y, u, w, and v….those are tricky too! (I really just like defending my big boy:) He communicates very well. He will ask questions like: “what’s dat noise?”, “Mommee what doing?”, “Where did NeeNee go?” and “Where are going?” (meaning, where are WE going?) and so many more. This silly little kid even knows how to get home and how to get to Gran and Grand-dad’s house from the highway! I’m not even kidding. It’s only like two turns or stay straight….but, still. He’s been learning about mixing colors and making new colors. It’s been fun and messy. He is eager to learn new things and is always curious and asking why, where, when, and how questions. He is surprising us every day.


Mr. Grouch…okay so we don’t call him that but, I know we totally feel like it sometimes. He can be G.R.O.U.C.H.Y. We’ve learned to ignore his behavior. Especially when nothing seems to satisfy him. He usually just cries and runs into the office. He sits himself in a chair and comes out when he’s happy and/or calm. We like to joke that he puts himself in ‘timeout’ on his own but, the truth is he really does. He takes his time to get himself together and return when “he’s better.”…and that means (even though I know he doesn’t realize it or even know it) he is making better choices. Yay! Big Boy! We focus on the good and ignore the bad and address as needed. It works for us! I am probably a little guilty of spoiling him but, I always say, “he’s the baby and it’s just how it’s going to be.” My boy can throw fits like no other. The good news is: He doesn’t throw many! All in all he is sweet, compassionate, and sometimes a mischievous little man.

Our little guy STILL likes to play with hojis (hair) and if mine aren’t around then he gets his own. He is just like his daddee. He STILL calls his DVD player a mogoo…and we STILL do too. He is STILL a teeny tiny bit reserved but, he has really come out of his shell and willing to take risks. He likes to climb, run, jump (and both feet get off the ground), dance, wrestle on the bed, take baths, punch the numbers on the microwave to heat things up, watch daddee mow the yard, take long walks (not in his stroller), take rides in the country, reading books, and singing songs. His favorite t.v. shows are Max and Ruby, Backyardgins, and the Fresh Beat Band. His favorite movies are Thomas and Friends, Cars, and WAL-E.


It’s been a very memorable and wonderful 27 months with Brayden James in our lives. He brings so much joy to our family and we all love him more than words can even express.

We love you Brayden James! You will forever be our snuggle bug!!!

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Yomaida said...

I originally posted "26th months! OOPS! When did I discover my mistake? Smack in the middle of (trying) to take a nap and get rid a tension headache! Leave it up to me to not know my tots age....gracious. SO AGAIN, Mr. B turned 27 months yesterday. :)