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Monday, July 6, 2009

A VERY happy Red, White, and Blue

We started our evening with Miss Nealy's birthday dinner (previous post)! After the fab dinner and dropping Nealy at her dad's, we headed over to meet up with our sweet friends, The Gregory's! It was time to go and park and do the whole firework watching experience. We were excited for Brayden to see fireworks for the first time other than in his movie, Cars. Last year we skipped it...we just thought he was too young and it was too hot. We found a great place to park and great little grassy area to settle at. It was a decent display of pretty fireworks and we had a great time with our friends!!!! It was a wonderful way to honor our soldiers and celebrate America's birthday!

Notice my honey covering up his shirt!
Ha! He was a good sport and wore it to match
our family! I LOVE you honeydo!

He looks like a big kid!

Jacob, Makayla, and Catherine

Miss Kayla...she means business

had to get one of my mom

These two played so well and were very patient.
Once it got really dark and fireworks hadn't started yet,
I put on THE movie....Cars.

They made a little buddy....he was a Cars fanatic
just like Brayden. He kept saying, "hey boy will you share?"
Brayden would only look at him and reply with "GO queen, Go!"

justa waitin'

Finally! Brayden never took his eyes
off the fireworks

See what I mean? He L.O.V.E.D. them!

After the presentation was complete,
Brayden asked,
"How 'bout one more time?"


rosebud said...

Gosh your mom is just as gorgeous as you are!! You all look so cute in your flag shirts. Looks like you had a great time and I'm glad the kiddos did well staying up so late!

Jodi said...

LOVE your new layout!!! It was so good seeing you and your little one the other day!! It was fun catching up!!