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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Patriotic Playdate!

Our June playdate was a patriotic theme. The three who attended were so cute in their red, white, and blue! Unfortunately, most of our playgroup was out of town or leaving out of town. We missed you friends. Our three had fun playing and we mommies had a great time chatting! Megan did a super job hosting and had yummy/healthy little snacks. I have to say the craft was absolutely adorable and we mommies sure had a funny time creating them (with the help from our tots)!...

Cayman (our new little member), Ella, and Brayden

These are the little fourth of July frames we
made for our tots as they played!
Megan had enough supplies for me to make
one for Nealy as well. Arent' they precious?
I can't wait to put photos in them.

So, now for the not so fun part of the playdate. Brayden threw a little crying fit when we arrived. It was just pitiful! I'm not defending him but, he truly had not had his nap so he was very grumpy to begin with. He kept standing by the door and just saying, "mommee's car, mommee's car!" Cayman and Ella ignored him and played just fine. I on the other hand did my best to ignore and not "force" him into the situation. I felt like not giving him attention for his fit was best! It worked, and he slowly worked his way in. He snacked, eating lots of fruit and some Goldfish! He then made is way to his friends and played and was well behaved. Terrible Twos? I'm really not sure. I can say he has surprised us with these little performances just recently. We have a designated "thinking chair" and go with the "no attention" approach for inappropriate behaviors. We stay patient and wait it out. Not giving in is key...for us anyway. I am very optimistic and am sure it's a stage he is going through. I guess only time will tell. He is a funny little guy. He pulled himself together quickly and he had a great time!


calming down...

not quite there...(slapping the floor)...oh my!

sad that his hands hurt now....:(
...he stopped

This is more like it!

there is Mama's happy, sweet boyMegan, me, and Dana (Cayman's mommy)
We are so happy you joined our playgroup Dana and Cayman.
We had so much fun with you!

How cute is he?

This is Ella when she was looking at
Brayden throwing his fit...she had a
disapproving look on her face. :-)

just enjoying playing and talking

Ella and Cayman
they were so cute. Ella was yelling, "mommy" as she was
standing on the gate and then Cayman started copying her.
It was really sweet.

My BFF, Mandy and me


Amanda said...

awww! Sweet Brayden... well! All kids go through those times at some point! The sooner it starts the sooner it's over... right??? :)

Catherine said...

I am so sad we missed it! The frames are so cute! Can't wait until July's date!