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Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Totally Terrific, 2 Years Old, Brayden!

My lovely living boy,
My hope, my hap,
my love, my life, my joy.
Guilaume de Salluste Du Bartas

Happy 2nd Birthday Brayden!
We love you and we are so blessed
to have you in our lives!
Daddee, Mommee, and Nealy
So many thoughts are running through my head it's hard to know where to begin. I can't express how wonderful it's been the last TWO years with Brayden as a new addition to our family. He's brought out the best in all of us! He makes us smile when we're down. An unexplained energy fills any room he is in. Not only does he carry this energy...he carries a very sweet sense of peace. He surprises us every day with new facial expressions and conversation. He absorbs almost everything with such little effort. He reads emotions, and knows many unspoken "rules." He's unbelievable. It's amazing to watch him grow in to a little boy. I don't even know how he knows half the stuff he does. He pulls things out of an invisible little hat ALL the time! He's so much more of a creator than a repeater. This kid is a little being of ideas...I expect the unexpected from this boy. Don't let the cautious, reserved, slightly shy little guy fool you. He's up to a L.O.T.!!! He truly is wonderfully complex!

Everthing else seems to fade,
while you watch your little boy
exploring and creating.
Yomaida England
Brayden James at 2 years of age:

personality: friendly, kind, cautious, determined, funny, creative, a little shy, and most certainly lovable

favorite sayings: aah man, go the other way, coooool , ferocious (fooroshus), that's mine, my turn, please

current interest: Cars (the movie), land vehicles, any type of balls (he can identify and name: football, basketball, baseball, bouncy ball, and tennis ball), looking at his picture bank with words (mommy likes it just b/c it builds his vocab;), trying different foods, learning geographical directions (he literally knows the way to Gran's house from home), farm animals, and books galore

likes to: name his letters and numbers...he's GREAT at identifying them. He sometimes says, "this is the letter 2!"...it's cute! He identifies the numeral correctly he just says letter instead of number. He L.O.V.E.S. reading Go Dog Go! by Dr. Seuss. He can read the first 3 pages all by himself (obviously memorized) but, he even points...just precious! He's known his colors for a while now so we are working on fuchsia, turquoise, and gray!, He likes running from Nealy and hiding from her so she can find him. Drawing with sidewalk chalk is another fave of his. He can already draw a circle, line, and working on a few letters (especially B for Brayden;-), dance in slow motion when daddee hums a tune...he then falls to the floor. It's pretty funny. He also enjoys swimming and baths.

doesn't like to: tell mommy when he needs to go potty, get his diaper changed, come inside from playing outside, make mommee and daddee sad, be overstimulated (mostly by his big sis), perform...he's only a "shows off" when least expected, going to bed at night, get water in his eyes, or have his hands dirty

randomness: likes to yell out, "moooooo!" when meeting strangers or when in an uncomfortable situation,

challenges: POTTY TRAINING, and early bedtime (this kid is a night owl), an occassional tantrum...can be strong willed.

creations: his own language, and his slow motion dance, story telling through pictures he draws (he will tell you a story for a good 10-15 minutes...you may not understand what he's saying with the exception for a few words here and there but, there is definitely a correlation between the scribbles and what he's saying)

funny: likes to pick out his own clothes for the day, likes to run and put his head ... excuse me...but, smack in the middle of my legs and hold my bottom....yikes!, play with daddees under-arm hair....double yikes!, raises his eyebrows to show approval, toots and blames it on Nealy. Ha-Ha! He says, "NeeNee toot!"

Oh, give thanks for the Lord,
for He is good!
Psalm 118:29

We expect GREAT things from you,
Brayden James.

Now, for part 2 of a Ka-chow Birthday....(Brayden opening his gifts once we got home last night)!


rosebud said...

Everything about you is just so gorgeous! Your hair, your clothes, your kids, your parties! Sheesh woman, is it difficult being so beautiful?!!! :D

Anonymous said...

cute pictures. i love reading all the brayden updates. he sure is a smart, not to mention, sweet little TWO year old. happy birthday brayden! love, aunt pia

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Happy Birthday Brayden! It looks like you had a fund day!