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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summertime...our first week!

Our first week of our summer vay-cay has been GREAT! We have flown by the seat of our pants. Yeah, we've made plans...but, none that are full of hassle and stress...the easy going ones like: trips to Starbucks, meeting friends for shopping and lunch, going to the bookstore, taking Nealy to her ortho, trips to the pool, evening walks, and lots of snuggling and just "couch potato-ing it." Summertime is OFFICIALLY here!

A little bit of sunshine in my big boy's eyes, and love in my
heart on a summer morning, with Starbucks in hand... well, there's
just something magical about it.
~ Yomaida England

Brayden James' Breakfast - yum!

He's very comfortable in front of
a camera. Hmm? I wonder why? Poor kid
has it in his face almost every day. So, this was a day, he
just wasn't having any of it.

And he's done!

Summer screams are sunshine to my ears
~ Yomaida England

On a another day of our first week of summer break, we headed out to shop and eat
lunch with one of my sweetest friends, Aspen! Uh,...this might have been another
day when Brayden wasn't going to share his handsome expressions with me. BUT, I did sneak a few! I will also say, he was SO well behaved. He is very compliant and calm AND a little reserved to begin with, but man, I sure wasn't expecting a great trip to Mardels and Stonebriar. He displayed such amazing big boy behavior! Even at Nordstom, as we looked around for jeans. I didn't have his stroller so he did a LOT of walking. When we ordered at the food court, I asked him to wait right by me as my hands were full. Guess what? He did! He stayed right by me the whole trip. Sometimes I would call his name and say, "this way." We would comply and just come hold my hand. It was greatness!

Seriously momee?

This expression had the table laughing.
He knew I was pulling out the camera. He turned his head.
AND he surprised me with this little face as soon as he turned around.
He has a great sense of humor...just like his dadee.

Sunshine warms the heart, lifts the spirit, ...
and makes for a good photograph.

~ Yomaida England

Uh oh! Where did his dump truck go? (Brayden is totally into ground vehicles....like fire trucks, school buses, tractors, trains, dump-trucks, bicycles etc). Anyway, his dump truck went under a display....no worries, momee went to the rescue!

Momee saved the day!

Brayden thank you for being such a
well behaved little boy for me!
You made a our little summer shopping trip STUPENDOUS!

Okay, so remember this past Friday night? The calm before the storm? Well, the storm never came...in Lavon anyway but, check out the fabulous orange (Brayden-ized: OH-weenge) sky! Isn't it just beautiful? My sister was over and I just couldn't resist the opportunity to capture the color so we went on an evening walk. Yes, Brayden was in his PJ's already and yes, I totally dressed up for the occassion. Ha! AND yes, I was in one very silly mood!

Summertime and my sister bring back memorable times of childhood....there's always a little bit of "kid" in us both. ~ Yomaida England
To see the Summer Sky Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie - True Poems flee. ~Emily Dickinson

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast an invented romance.
~Bern Williams

There's even a hint of red!

The summer night is like a perfection of thought. ~Wallace Stevens

My pretty pia!

Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world.
~Ada Louise Huxtable

So, my honey liked this picture of me and I suppose he
thought it was a good representation of how corky and silly
I really am...he said, "yep! that's going on the blog."
Well, here you go honey. I did it for you!
note to self: hit the treadmill more often why don't cha?

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rosebud said...

We had a fun first week, too! I really love having my kids home and having lots of adventures along the way.

BTW: is that the Galleria I see? (luuuuuv it!)