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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Different Pace in a Different Place

Yesterday, our little guy was so sick we had to cancel his birthday pool party celebration. We did some serious slowing down.

It all started two nights ago. Brayden threw up Thursday night a couple of times. It really scared him. It really scared us. He slept through the night just fine. We thought maybe he had just eaten too much dinner (he's a really good eater) and drank too much milk (he loves him some milk). Friday, he woke up happy and seemed healthy. I didn't give him milk just to be on the safe side...just didn't want to upset his tummy. He, Nealy and I ran around all day. He really didn't skip a beat. He ate well all day and all was good. We were still cautious but, pretty sure he was okay. Friday night after drinking some milk (one of his favorite bevs)...he threw up again. Poor baby! This time he warned me by saying, "Mommee, Mommee, potty, potty." I knew he was going to throw up bc of how he started whining and he got this sick look on his little face that I recognized from the night before. Again, he slept fine, but yesterday morning unlike Friday, he woke up very whiny and "dry heaving." It was awful! He was running a low fever and in very rare form (very still, laying his head down, and wanting to be held). We wanted our little boy well and if that meant canceling the party then so be it. I am happy to announce that we did indeed reschedule for a later date! Our Saturday was spent hanging out pretty much all day in the bed watching the movie Cars on Brayden's mogoo....AKA: portable DVD player. We (Scott and I) watched our t.v. while Brayden rested and was content...a little weak, but content with his movie and cars. If we are at home we typically spend out time in the family room playing, reading books, watching the tube..etc. Talk about a change of pace for us! Although, I ran Nealy around a little bit yesterday we pretty much were like The England Hermits. We settled in (especially in the pm hours) with our little boy for a day of down time. Snuggles, giggles and kisses were abundant!:-)

We are so happy to say he is much better. His 2 year annual is around the corner, so we'll definitely be revisiting this concern....but, I do think it was just a tummy virus and the fever made the milk curd and that is what caused the vomiting. I praise the Lord he is much better! Thank you to all who called to inquire, left messages etc. It means a lot. Our little guy is lucky to have wonderful family members and friends who care!

LOVE daddee's hojis aka: hair

watching Cars with his cars...

He made time for mommee's kisses and snuggles.
I just LOVE that crazy hair of his....great hojis Brayden James!


rosebud said...

What a bummer!! So glad he's feeling better -- it's can be so scary when they are sick and so little.

I love those pics with all the cars lined up -- some of my favorite pics of Karl are with the cars all in a row! :)

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that BJ is feeling better! I will def. be there for his b-day on Thursday and I even arranged it so I can leave work at 5. I wouldn't miss it! Love you BJ!!! Love, Pia!