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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Wonderful Happened!

Brayden is always so great at repeating things and communicating needs and wants. His articulation is so appropriate and really does a great job. Of course there are times no one understands him but us. Isn't that typical though? Anyway, he is talking up a storm!

Impressive Verbiage:
It's a rec-tangle (he really can identify rectangles...well, okay maybe I keep telling him, using the same examples and now he remembers what to point to when I ask him to show me a rectangle)
Tank you dadee

Where did Nee-nee go?

Where is my beeu (blue) car?

Weed (read) book momee?

I weed, I weed (I read, I read)
Wow! Cool! (typically these two words are always paired)
Go out-tide
Time to eat!
uh oh poopoo....(this is really when he has gone or needs to go...but for the most part it's after the fact. At least we're getting there).
Hot Bobble (bubble) Bath? (says it every day after dinner)
Put Shoes (he means he needs to put his shoes on OR asking if we can put his shoes one for him)
Wed, beeu, & geen (red, blue, and green AND he does know blue items consistently, and red and green often with rare confusion)
Yetters (letters....he points at letter and words in books as I read them...obviously not tracking but, he definitley knows they contain meaning)
Don't cy momee OR dadee (when we pretend cry and he runs to give us a hug)

Everyday Verbiage:
bye, bye
Nee-nee deeeeown (nealy down...he wants her to come down stairs)
beeeeg ball (big ball....referring to my excercise ball)
nack (snack)
uh, uh, uh (no)
my shows
night night
nuggle (snuggle....love how he leaves off the letter 's' in some words)
hi Buddy
Dadee Dadoo (nickname for his daddy)
let go (let's go)
cheese (when posing for a picture....I have no idea where he picked this up...we don't ask him to say it).

Created by Brayden Verbiage that the ENTIRE England Family has adopted:
Mogoo (his portable DVD player...yes, we all call it mogoo now...even the grandparents. We do call it a dvd player too so he learns the right vocab/name for it...but, for the most part it's a mogoo.
Hoji OR Hojis pronounced ho-jeez(now this means many things) Mostly, it means hair or locks of hair. If you are BEING hoji then you are being sweet. It's also a name we use as a term of endearment...kinda like sweetheart or darling. Same thing....we call hair....well, hair. Again so he knows the correct name but, it is fun to have our very own language...even if it is just two words....for now anyway!

........The Wonderful Happened!
For months now I have been trying to get Brayden to say "I love you." Of course we have been telling him this since before he was even out of the womb....but, I have been asking him to repeat me for a LONG time now. I guess it's been since he started talking. He wouldn't even attempt it. I didn't get it. He was saying words like, rectangle, tractor, grapefruit, bobble bath etc and he couldn't say three syllables, I.LOVE.YOU??? Every night I would say to him (and still do) "I love you Brayden. Can you say, I love you mommy?" Like I said, he wouldn't even attempt it. So I took it down a notch and asked him to just say, "Love you." He wasn't the slightest bit interested. He would babble on about other things. He would say, "nuggle momee?" I was a little sad, but always in the back of my mind knew he would eventually say it.

The Wonderful Happened!
Tuesday night April 7, 2009 between 8:20-8:45pm (don't have the exact minute) Brayden James leaned over to me and said, "I yuv you momee." It was as clear as a shiny just-cleaned diamond. It was music to my ears. I even cried. I was so happy I can't explain the emotions that ran through me. I love you Brayden....mommy's little boy. I love you more than you will ever know. What a WONDERFUL night!

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I love my little BB. He's so cute.