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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebrating a Good Time!

Just a few of my dear friends and I had Mexican food and Mexican beer on a patio Saturday night! I really enjoyed myself and the great company. Not only were we celebrating my 35th birthday, I personally was celebrating that I no longer had a Gosh Awful Migraine (uh, yes all of those words need to be capitalized). It's a migraine I woke up with Friday morning! I'm not kidding when I say if you entered the England Household at quarter 'till 6:00am Friday morning, you would have thought you were watching a very dramatic drama! It was my very first migraine...I seriously thought I might be having a stroke...no laughs...seriously. IT.WAS.BAD!!! I could barely talk, much less see or EVEN sleep. After two Advil Cold and Sinus tablets and EVEN an Imitrex...It was still going strong. AND I do mean fierce. When I did drift off, I had a dream that I was telling someone over and over how my head hurt so miserably. Needless to say, I WAS miserable. My more than attentive and super sweet husband came to my rescue (like always) and took care of me. A headache lasted up until a couple of hours before dinner on Saturday. Phew! This migraine really wreaked it's havoc by leaving me a sore head (sore to the touch) and an achy feeling down the back of my neck and shoulders. Long to the short....being rid of the M.M. (monstrous migraine) made my birthday celebration that much better. It was so much fun to hang out, chat and eat yummy food. Celebrating a good time indeed!!!!

Love you, honey!

My BFF....Mandy

Jacob and Catherine
I love the old stories.....
I can hang them over Scott's head. Tee-Hee-Hee!

I think that sleepy look I have is due to the
M.M. aftermath...lol

Priscilla and Megan (who is Mandy's little sis, who is also
Ella's mommy, who is in our playgroup...along with Catherine)
Got all that?

The girls.
Lovin' them...


Amanda said...

migraines... oh my goodness... that is horrible!! I am so sorry, but you looked beautiful in your pictures!!

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

I am glad you had a good Birthday dinner.

I used to get migranes on a regular basis. They really stink!