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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home Improvements!

I have had fun chatting with my girlfriends about my home improvements...here are some visuals. AND becuase so many of you asked.....

We started home projects over spring break. We aren't quite through but, it's really starting to come together. I really like warm and cozy when it comes to decor. It's really taken us a while to start focusing on the house. It's not like we have two kids and semi-newly married, and work full time or anything. I mean Scott's only finishing up grad school. :-) I am so happy we started and spent time together brainstorming ideas. I like vintage, traditional, and a combination of straight lines and curves. I can't really pick one style...it's a mixture. I like getting ideas from all over....Especially World Market and Pier 1 Imports. I feel like their stuff is unique and not too trendy (it's more modern than trendy but, not the modern that's going to go out of style the next day or year at that). The week before spring break we had painters come in and paint the whole down stairs minus the kitchen. I'm going to tackle it....My personal designer/interior decorator (my dear friend Mrs. G) explained that a house should only have a total of three colors in it. The kids rooms are not included so they can actually be a crazy color (not my kids' rooms...but, you get it). The "decorating rule" is only stick with three colors and they must be in the same color family. Who knew? Once the house was painted, Mrs. G came in and just started moving all kinds of furniture around, taking wall decor from other rooms and hanging it other places. I love her vision! She worked with what we had and we only have to add and changed out a few things. (It is so nice to get someone who knows what their doing...this is her job...only she builds and decorates million dollar homes...hee-hee). She was just pointing and I was following her lead! It was great. Here's what we have so far....The last collage is a work in progress. Once this is done (I have to purchase a few items) in the next couple of weeks, we start full force on Brayden's Big Boy room! I have the cutest ideas....and I have the BEST decorator on my side to help. Thank Heaven for Mrs. G!!!! I just love her!

This is our entry, and across the dining room.
The two 'sister' pictures are in the dining room. I love the Camel Back
color. It's very inviting.

This is the back part of the house...our family room. I still need to get
the wall art you see on the left. I pulled away from plain red and moved
to more of a rust color. I am also going to add chocolate textured oversized pillows
to the couch. (I think the color contrast will work out great)
The store only had one...I just need to go get them.
I need to decide what to do with the coffee table
in regards to decor...

Okay so in this collage I need to get the frames...I'm weeding out
all my yucky frames (I'm getting there...phew). The mantel needs
a little work. This next week we are getting the fire place glazed
so the nooks, crannies and texture pop. It will still be white but, "washed" in
a natural color. The neat thing about the paint in the family
room is that it goes up on the ceiling. It's hard to explain, but
it stops at an angle where the true-flat ceiling starts.
It really makes the ceiling appear taller. The bottom left picture is
in our office we had that painted a light chocolate color
(can't remember the name). Anyway, the ceiling in there
is painted completely. It looks great! Will get crown molding
in it, the entry and dining this summer! That little vintage
picture is kinda the theme for the office....it's still under construction.
The floor pillow is too cute. I don't have it yet. I actually want two.
They'll be great for company and movie nights! The brown
zebra print is just my style. Love it!

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