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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Healthy, Happy Me!

It's March 1st. A new month. A new day. A new mindset. It's time for a new me. So much of my time is dedicated to something or someone other than myself. I recently had a rude awakening. I had a complete wellness test performed at school. It is provided by our district. It is free (every other year) and it is great way to keep one informed on his/her health. Blood was taken to be evaluated, and an EKG was performed to check for any problems with electrical activity in my heart. I was weighed and body fat was calculated as well was my BMI (body mass index). I haven't received my complete test analysis and results but, from the results I was immediately given....I was shocked...to say the very least. Wow! Ten years can make a huge difference! (I took the test for the first time 10 years ago). Okay, so all my results were in normal range but, I do know I can improve my overall health by adding more exercise and a better diet to my life. My weight is not my issue and my size is not my issue. Health is my issue. Uh, fat percentage is an issue as well. Exercise and a better diet....it’s for youth, vitality, strength, flexibility, release of emotions, etc. I will be thirty-five in exactly one month. I need to get serious. I want to be the best I can be for family, friends and myself. This is why I am blogging about it. I figured I would need to update and I very well can't come back with no changes to report. Since only Wednesday of this past week, I have committed to eating MUCH better (cutting out any sugar drinks altogether) and eating low fat. So far....great! I decided to allow myself the weekends to not deprive myself....but definitely not splurge and go overboard. I haven't really kicked in the exercise part of my plan in to gear but, I have certainly weighed (no pun intended) my options and thought about steps to take to be successful. The key for me will be starting off slow. I can't overwhelm myself or set myself up for disappointment and failure. The challenge will be finding the time to do it. I have talked with Scott and he is so supportive of my decision to be healthy and strong. He also knows a lot about fitness and health so I know he will be a huge support in this huge NEW area of my life. I walk often and I totally enjoy it. The problem is I need to build lean muscle. Walking, although good, is not enough. As women age, we lose muscle and regardless the dress size, body fat increases and muscle mass decreases (if it's not worked). So now that I have decided to step up to the plate and actually bat.....I am motivated and excited! Swimsuit season is around the corner...and Brayden will be having a pool party birthday. I mean business and (to my honey:) I won't just talk the talk but, truly do the walking. For me, yes, I want to look good (who doesn't), but more importantly, I want to feel good and be healthy! Here are pictures of how I plan to start the exercise part of my plan.

Winsor Pilates!
I paid 60 dollars...I
start tonight!

Free Weights
to tone arms and back.
I will also do lunges to firm
my bottom and thighs.

Iron Gym
It simply attaches to the
door frame for pull-ups, down
at the bottom to 'hold' your ankles
for crunches, and I will use it to work
my biceps. It's a super neat gadget.

An exercise ball
for simple stretching and
I will improve my circulation
and body posture!
(I don't have one of these yet)
honey? :-)

I would love to hear of any ideas or suggestions to help me with my new way of life. So feel free to leave me a comment. AND any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

You know I can't end this post without saying something about my beautiful children. I dedicate this post to them. If I am happy and healthy then they're happy and healthy. They make me SO happy and I want to return the emotion!

after bath and watching the Wonder Pets!

This is just a darling little picture of my cutie
that I played around with. I changed up the colors and
just experimented. He looks a little sad, but
truly is was just winding down (same night as pictures above)
and ready to snuggle. He's my little snuggles.


Anonymous said...

I'll workout with you mom. You can do it! love you.

Amanda said...

It's kind of like you were in my head. scary! I had almost that exact discussion out loud with Wes today on the phone! I'm on board!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics of the kiddos!! Applause for you....stick to it girl!!! I am ashamed to say that my workouts with my friend/personal trainer ended pretty fast...reading your blog has inspired me to get back in there and break a sweat and feel the burn again!!! Love you! Yoli

Priscilla Andrade said...

I always say it but it's true - nealy and brayden are just the cutest!!! I wish we were closer to each other, I would love to workout with you! Love, P!