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Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's How They Roll!

We're at the end of February and there is so much to look forward to in the months ahead! As time passes by I am amazed at the excitement that builds within in me when I think of my kids and what's coming up! In a tiny little nutshell....

Nealy Mckay...

1. starts VB next weekend...kick starting the season in a tournament.
2. will take a cooking class over spring break. Yum!
3. will tryout for level II cheer.
4. will take 5th grade TAKS test soon...yikes!
5. will be finishing up her 5th grade year and going on to middle school!

Brayden James...

1. will continue to talk in sentences (he's already speaking 3-4 word sentences)!!!
2. will take his first trip to the zoo over spring break!
3. will start learning to use the potty. He's gone a couple of times but, as it's so developmental...mommy doesn't want to push the issue. An intro will be a good start though.
4. will meet with a playgroup once a month.
5. will transition into his big boy room mommee and dadee are decorating!

Can they get any cuter?
The sound of their laughter brings
a smile to my face.

Again, so much to look forward to...exciting times ahead! 10 years old and 20 months old...and they interact so well together. They're learning from each other, creating rooms full of laughter and a home full of love. I SO LOVE my babies!

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Catherine said...

Fun! You guys are going to be busy! Let's really try to get together over Spring Break!

I'm jealous, a playgroup! I'd love to find one for Makayla.