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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visit to Ole' Saint Nick!

Scott coached two games yesterday and Nealy is with her dad this weekend. Scott, Brayden and I spent the morning together yesterday. Scott was able to come home for just a bit (to eat lunch with us) in between his two games. When he left for his second game, that's when Brayden and I started to get ready. (We would meet daddy after his game at the Firewheel Shopping Center). This was the day to go visit the big man in red! I talked and talked about it. Brayden smiled and smiled when I would say, "You ready to go and see Santa?" He was all game for the trip!

He is all smiles and so thrilled
to be getting ready!

"Hurry Mommee! go, go, go?"
He was outta there in
such jolly spirits...my
little elf...so sweet!

At dinner livin' it up with daddee.
See the trend?...he's still so happy!

Lovin' on Mommee's locks...just like his
daddy! No tears, no sweat!
At Santa's "set-up"
He is still cheery and intrigued by
the ornaments on one of the trees.
Okay so before you see how the night concluded....here is my little trip down memory lane to last year's picture with Santa! (This year, Nealy wasn't so thrilled to go and sit on an old man's lap) So....we didn't make her! At least I have my two together with Santa at Brayden's first Christmas. Weren't they cute? Wow! How they both have changed so much in just one short year!

Probably just how you expected this little
trip to end! The problem was.....well, that he was
scared. duh? Honestly, he DID sit on Santa's
lap at first. Then the photographer explained she needed
to turn off the computer and start again b/c something 'weird'
happened. So we had to retake the picture
and I just held him rather than make my sweet
little guy endure more tears and fear.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Waaaah!!!!!

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Amanda said...

hahaha... I love how the Santa picture turned out! That is too cute!