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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pretty Smile

This past Monday, I took the day off work to take Nealy to the orthodontist. She was getting all new bonds, teeth cleaned, and extra teeth bonded. I am confident she is going to have a beautiful smile once it's all said and done! It's so pretty now. So, as she was getting the work done I read a lot of New Moon. It's taking me longer this time around b/c I have been super busy. But, it's still just as good as Twilight. I LOVE it! Okay, so back to our day on Monday. It was a day Nealy and I spent together having some quality time. After the ortho appt. I took her to La Madeline to have soup since her mouth was a little sore. She was able to eat a quiche as well. We chatted about school, and of course Twilight (since she is currently reading it). We did a few other things like pay a ticket (yikes!), digital scrap, and chat some more! We had a super mother/daughter day. I enjoy so much spending time with my mini-me. Can't wait for another long orthodontist appointment. It will give me another excuse to take off work and spend a special day with Nealy Mckay!

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