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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Serena's Birthday!

Okay it was really my good friend, Emily's Birthday!! I know you are wondering why I titled my post with the name 'Serena.' Well, it goes back to a very funny story years ago. Emily and I went to Houston, Texas for Super Bowl XXXVIII. It was the New England Patriots against the Carolina Panthers. Needless to say the Patriots won. Remember? Emily and I didn't actually go the game but, we sure had a good time celebrating in all the festivities H Town had to offer. We woke up one morning after a serious night of partying and the first words that came out of Emily's mouth were, "I think we owe Serena some money." Huh? I was totally confused b/c I didn't know a Serena and we had not even been with a Serena. Ha! Ha! Come to find out after much gut wrenching laughter....SERENA was a girl who had rented Emily her apartment at the time. She had a dream about her and I guess that was the name on her mind. Now, I know this doesn't sound that funny but it was SO HILARIOUS! It was an on going joke for several years. Emily even brought it up Monday night at her birthday dinner at Uncle Julio's. Aah! The memories....

Note to Em: Remember the Maxim Party? What am I thinking? Of course you do! How could you forget a night of meeting celebrities and so much fun. :-)

So, on to the purpose of my post......HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!! Here are some of the night!

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