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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kick Starting the Holidays

Friday night we all went to Madeline's Christmas! Mrs. G (Hayden's Grandma), Lenne' (Hayden's mom), and of course Hayden treated my entire family to dinner and the play. It was way too generous of them. Mrs. G is the grandma who helps me at school two days a week. She is so very kind. We had such a wonderful time and they are such great company.

We started off meeting them at Williams HS! Lenne' teaches History there. We ate dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant La Hacienda. The restaurant was right next to the Dallas Children's Theater so we had plenty of time to enjoy and chat. Hayden and Nealy became fast friends and Brayden tore into the guacamole. It was really cute how he kept dipping his chip in it and eating. Just like a big boy.

At the theater we bought a couple of souvenirs and the kids played. During the play we sat in the second row and had an amazingly good view. Madeline was SO cute. All the actors and actresses in the play did a great job. Brayden was frightened every time the lights went off or the music got really loud. Scott and he watched from the back during the last part of the first act (which is still a great seat in the house). After the intermission I sat with him in the back. He was quiet and sat so nicely! He really liked the music and singing. The colors were bright and lighting effects were great.

I think it's important to expose children to the arts. Nealy went to many live performances when she was little and just loved it. I am so happy Brayden was able to experience his first play during such a special time of year.

We are happy to have kick started the holidays with such a nice family and a great theatrical play.

A neat surprise was, I ran in to an old friend, Merriann. She and I went to high school together and shared many fun teenage and adult times together. I haven't seen her in a couple of years so it was so nice to see her.

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