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Saturday, October 4, 2008

My two pumpkins!

We went to the Dallas Arboretum today! It was so beautiful. I love spending time with my two kids. They take all my worries away and make me forget about any unpleasant thoughts or feelings. Any sadness disappears when in the presence of Nealy and Brayden. They bring absolute joy to me. I was able to capture some moments that represent who they truly are. When I look at the pictures I think, yep, those are my kids. Why can't everybody be innocent and sweet? Children are so pure and my heart swells with love when I see my two. So, it was a great experience as it was relaxing. The best part of the day was watching them have fun and interact. They love each other and Nealy is old enough as Brayden is young enough so they never fight or argue. :-) So here are just MY 'few.'....In other words, there's a lot. I took over 200 hundred pictures. What can I say? I have two wonderful little pumpkins!

I also took many random shots of my two playing and just being themselves. They really enjoyed the day at the arboretum. Not only was the pumpkin patch awesome, the flowers and landscaping were beautiful to stroll through!

The many faces of Brayden James

Nealy Mckay
Isn't she lovely?
I enjoy and love my kids more than anything. I am thrilled to say they made this fantastic fall day............ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Nealy and Brayden, thank you for loving your momma!

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Amanda said...

first of all, your blog is so dang cute! I'm so jealous that you know how to do all of that stuff!

secondly, hahaha... I'm still waiting on Jeff's pictures... then let the photo fest begin!

thirdly, your kids are BEAUTIFUL! those pictures are fantastic!!!

fourthly? :) mark us down as coming! his parents might be coming in town and if they do, then we probably can't come, but I'll let you know when I find out! we are so excited! :)