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Sunday, October 5, 2008

15 Month Brayden morning and night

Well, Brayden James' 15th month birthday and check-up have come and gone. He turned 15 months on September 26th. His very calm, collect, and cute personality still remains. He is so much fun! He talks so much. He likes to repeat what we say. He calls Scott dadeeeeeeeeeeee and really stretches out the 'eeeeeeees.' He calls me momeeeeee....same idea. He calls Nealy Neeeeeeeeee! He can even count to 2!!! And all the way to five repeating after us. When we pretend to cry he runs over and gives us love pats. It's so sweet. He does SO much it would take forever to write about all the things he does. I will make sure to share some of the things he says and does as time goes on. We just can't get enough of him. Because some of my family has been asking, his 15th month stats:

Weight: 21.8lbs~50th-75th%
Height: 311/2 inches~50th-75th%
Head: 48 centimeters~75th-90th%

This morning Mr. B and I went for a very early morning stroll leaving Nealy and Scott behind snoozing . I am a tiny bit on health kick. I like to walk at least 3 times a week. We've gone walking twice this weekend. Way to go me! Ha! Anyway it was quite chilly this morning before the sun came up! It's always a few degrees colder in Lavon than it is in surrounding cities. I am wondering if it's because of the lake or because of less concrete. Who knows? Anyway, he was absolutely precious in is hoodie, beanie, and atheletic pants! I even had to put on my sweats and hoodie. Brrrr!!!! We had a day of naps, playing, and running errands. We ended the night with a bath, new fall PJs and storytime. Just wanted to share....

Before the sun came up

As the sun was coming up!

Getting Ready for sleepy time!
Yeah, he has both sets of PJ's. He couldn't just wear
one. That wouldn't be fair. Oh and can't you tell
he's not full of energy as in the morning pics?
He's like me....an early bird and morning person.


Amanda said...

haha... I love his faces he's making at the end... such a sweetie pie! I entered Eli into that Kiss FM Kissable baby contest! You should enter Brayden!

The Four Of Us said...

hey what is the name and/or website for the photographer you use??