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Friday, August 1, 2008

These Boots are Made for Walking...

So that's just what they'll do...Brayden James started walking the week after his first birthday. At the time he was only taking 3 or 4 steps. He is now walking from room to room in the house. He even walks into stores holding our hand. Yay Brayden James! We took the video of him several days ago and it's not his best performance but, he is so cute! I LOVE that he has his little fit at the end.

Brayden is doing and saying SO much these days. He is a walker AND talker. He can say all kinds of words like; book, ball, no-no, down, wow, quack-quack...sounds more like gock-gock, up, mama, dada, Neenee, and Nana. I'm sure there are even more. He says some sentences too! He really does have Scott and me both in him. He is a little reserved and calm. He entertains himself well. He can attend like it's nobody's business. Seriously! I am one proud Mama. We will read him books for a 30 minute stretch and he is so interested. He obviously doesn't point at individual words but, when I read, he points to the page with the words. He lifts up the flaps and can even point things out when asked. He was doing this a month ago. When I say, "Where is the baby's belly button?" He points to it!!!! This has become a game. In every book (there is usually a little duck) , he will point it out and say, "gock-gock!" So precious. He is so good at putting his books away and taking care of them.

Brayden enjoys playing at his water table and riding his Little Quad 4 Wheeler. I will have to add a video of him riding. It is so funny because he was riding it all by himself before he was even walking. He likes his wooden puzzles and cars. Mostly he LOVES his balls, and Nealy's volleyballs. We roll them back and forth OR he just throws them and then goes and retrieves them and the game continues. He and Nealy play so well together. He loves her crazy personality and high energy. You can always hear him giggling and laughing at her. She takes him on several 'bear hunts' a day. These always put Brayden James in a fabulous mood. It warms my heart to see them together. The have a great relationship and they just adore each other.

Waving bye-bye to strangers (when they are not even leaving) is something Brayden likes to do a lot. Other people don't notice it so it's funny and we just laugh. The other day at lunch a little boy (probably around 6 months older than Brayden) was throwing a fit and not wanting to eat. Brayden of course was starring at him even though were encouraging him not to. He then started pointing his finger saying, "no-no" It wasn't a loud or mean "no-no" it was calm and he had his little finger gently moving up and down. The icing on the cake....he had his head cocked to one side. It was like he was really trying to correct the little boy's behavior but, trying to do it gently. Aah! It was the sweetest thing. Nealy and I tried to get Brayden's attention and we were secretly laughing uncontrollably. Brayden is great at communicating things he wants and things he doesn't want. I taught him rather than yelling he can say it softly and so that seems to be working out well.

We have so much to look forward to with his development and milestones. We can't wait!!! We love him, our sweet one year old!

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Catherine said...

What a big boy!! So smart and cute!!! Love the digital scrapbooking too!! Where are you getting your kits from?