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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Probe, tears, and more

I finished up my first week of school. I have a fabulous team so the week was smooth and organized. I witnessed many kinder kiddos cry and weep. I really think it was a combination of transitioning and fatigue. I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday after school, cheer class on Wednesday (Nealy's class not mine), and a kindergarten parent meeting on Thursday. By Friday I was beyond tired. Friday afternoon is where the real story begins...

Friday at 3:20 my mother in law bring Brayden James to me because he has an appointment with the eye doctor. Brayden was born with either clogged tear ducts or narrow tear ducts. So they would not drain properly. As he grew and got older his condition (gunky eyes) improved. His left eye eventually drained normally and is totally fine. His right eye improved but, did not completely drain as it should. Thus, bringing us to make the decision whether we wanted him to constantly have a teary eye or have it probed to unblock OR widen the tear duct. We decided to go ahead and get it probed. Now, I have to say all day Friday I was very anxious and worried about how his doctor appointment would go. Scott took him to his initial visit with the eye doctor so he gave me the information regarding the procedure several times as to 'counsel' me and prepare me. AND his antics worked. I THOUGHT I was mentally and emotionally ready.

There I am driving in the rain, not knowing exactly where I am going and I am so tired my body aches. We get to the doctor's office and Brayden is so sweetly playing with the jumbo legos and other toys available. No one else is there, I start to relax and play with Brayden. We are called in and my nerves sky rocket. My heart is thumping and I swear I think the nurse hears it. Dr. Leffler walks in (he is a very tall, thin, middle aged man). I quickly introduce myself feeling a bit childlike with my school shirt and jeans on. AND well you know, I am only 5 foot 2 inches tall. SO...immediately proceeding my self introduction I tell him I am nervous about the procedure. Brayden James is still content in my arms playing with a lock of my hair. Dr. Leffler tells me exactly what Scott had told me several times. Although, I don't remember the parts that included possible infections, the possibility that the probe may puncture out of the natural path of the tear duct, and that if this didn't work he would need to be sedated and stint would need to be placed in his ever so tiny duct! That darn knot comes to my throat. I quickly sign the consent form and the nurse takes Brayden from me.

Brayden is quickly put on his back in a papoose!!!! His arms and legs are strapped tightly and he can only move his cute little flip-flopped feet. The nurse holds his head and the doctor moves in with all his tools. The first thing he does is drops numbing solution into Brayden's eye. He next pokes in what appears to be a needle with a blunt end into my poor baby's tear duct. That is when everything went blurry. I only remember instrument after instrument going into Brayden's tear duct. I was woozy. The last thing I remember was him using a syringe to flush water into the duct. All these things were going on as Brayden was screaming and crying uncontrollably. His poor eye was completely covered in blood. I cried. The nurse kept telling me to take a deep breath. Remember when I said little kindergarteners sometimes cry b/c of the transition and exhaustion? Well, maybe that is what happend to me. In my case exhaustion and an aching heart for Brayden. I just didn't hold back. Although I tried. I remember before the procedure started, I asked if Brayden would be discomforted or in any pain. The doctor explained he didn't know b/c he hadn't had the procedure done on himself. Duh? I was not too satisfied with that answer but, knew I needed to try and not overreact.

As soon as we left the office Brayden had calmed down. I was a bit of a different story. I called Scott and explained I needed him. He was already on his way before receiving my call. He met us in the parking lot and helped soothe both our tears. He left his truck and we went to pick Nealy up from volleyball practice. We all went to have a peaceful dinner at Abuelo's. Brayden was a tough little guy. He was totally fine after the appointment with the exception of a few blood tinged tears. :-( He is currently on eye drops and antibiotics. So far so good. Thank God. Any prayers would be much appreciated. :-)


Yesterday, I myself took him to get a haircut that was long overdue. I like his hair long and combed forward and a little messy anyway. Well, I can't believe I didn't foresee this happening but, Brayden James was traumatized from the doctors visit and his procedure that he cried during his entire haircut. My poor little sweetie. Aah it was a bit stressful. BUT, isn't he a cutie? As soon as I pulled the camera out again in the car he instantly got upset. I think he's had it with his momma! :-)


Amanda said...

you are so brave! and so is your sweet baby boy!! oh my gosh, I was freaking out with you reading this!! I'm so glad he's ok!

Catherine said...

Poor little guy!!! But he is so cute!

Michelle said...

I swear I want to cry reading this! Your poor baby! Poor you! It sounds like such a nightmare. I'm glad all seems well now. I'm also freaking out b/c Scarlett has the same tear duct issue in her right eye. Her doctor keeps promising it will fix itself soon, but now I'm not so sure I believe her!!