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Saturday, June 21, 2008

didn't forget about daddy!

I preface this short, yet very important post by saying, this past week I had a week long training (which was very informative and the BEST I have ever had). HOWEVER, it didn't make the week easy (also I've been under the weather). Nor, did it give me the time I needed for many other things I needed to do. So Father's Day has come and gone. In our hearts it remains. We did not forget 'Dada's Day' in the England Household. We celebrated! We celebrated all the dads! I hope all fathers, daddies, dadas, pops, dads, ....whatever the name, had a WONDERFUL Father's Day. We had a marvelous one and truly celebrated the BEST dada in the world. To quickly let you know what we as a family made for Scott: We made him a book! It takes him on a little journey of this whole past year starting with the birth of Brayden James. The book is ALL about him and each of us wrote him a letter (of course Brayden James had help from me). It was the best 12 hours or so I ever spent making anything.

Happy Daddy's Day 2008 (Some cherished memories of the many you make so special. We love you!). All of us...Yomaida, Nealy, & Brayden.

Here are a few pages and the cover:

We love you Baby!... Oh yeah, you said you were the only one
in the house who is not a baby!
Well, the news is:
You ARE MY baby!

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Fun Food Eater said...

WOW...this is great!

That is one lucky daddy